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CC Dads: Become Memory Masters

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Hey, CC Dads. Once a week, our wives and kiddos load up in the van and head to our local Classical Conversations campus for their community day. Their summer schedule has ended and their school schedule has begun, but as dads, our work schedules continue unabated. We...
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Into Eternity: Homeschooling through High School

Almost every year since we became members of our local homeschool support group over a decade ago, my family has attended a high school graduation ceremony. It is always a blessing to watch parents—and sometimes entire families—ascend the stage, and to watch fathers...
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The "Secret" of the Homeschooling Father

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by Tucker
Thursday, 10 January, 2013
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This is a message to fathers who are homeschooling. The question I want to answer is: Does Christianity provide much guidance to fathers about homeschooling? I am going to say yes, but first I want to back up a bit. You and your wife are in it together, so let us be...
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A Father Takes Up Latin

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Homo doctus in se semper divitias habet. (A learned man always has wealth within himself.) My life is littered with failed attempts to learn foreign languages. If there is such a thing as having a “knack” for learning languages I do not have it. As my wife, kids, and I...
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