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With CC every week is Christian Education Week

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by John
Monday, 24 April, 2017
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April 24-30 is Christian Education Week, and, although Classical Conversations doesn’t specifically celebrate the week, in a broader sense, for CC, every week of the year is Christian Education Week. We believe that true Christianity and true education are inseparable...
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Two Valuable Things I Learned in my College Education Classes

I loved my college and my Latin education. However, the education classes were not as fruitful as I had expected. I really did not learn what I needed to know about teaching techniques until I was out in the trenches. All the theory in the world does not really enable...
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A Commencement Address to Foundations Parents

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Plutarch was famous for saying, “The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lies in a good education.” Now we, as Christians, know that our faith is also essential, but this famous quote is not without merit. Throughout this speech I hope to explain how my...
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Classical Approach to Homeschooling: Part 2

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After discussing the grammar stage of learning and mastering facts in part one of this article, let’s take a look at the next two stages of the trivium. The second stage of the trivium is dialectic learning. By name, this clearly involves dialogue. Once a child has...
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Classical—Christian—Community (Part One)

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by Marc
Wednesday, 20 August, 2014
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The overarching vision of Classical Conversations is often delineated by the alliterative, threefold focus: Classical Christian Community. For a brief moment, I’d like to zoom in on each “C” in this alliteration. Classical Conversations is “classical.” That’s not...
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