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Classical Conversations in Australia: Show and Tell

Recently, my family and I had an opportunity to travel to Brisbane, Australia where we were able to hold information meetings, a mock Classical Conversations program day, and a one-day practicum on rhetoric. The land down under—a land with many poisonous insects,...
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A Commencement Address to Foundations Parents

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Plutarch was famous for saying, “The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lies in a good education.” Now we, as Christians, know that our faith is also essential, but this famous quote is not without merit. Throughout this speech I hope to explain how my...
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Latin as a Conversation

“…if I were asked what, of all the things I was ever taught, has been the greatest practical use to me, I should have to answer the Latin Grammar. An early grounding in the Latin Grammar has these advantages: 1. It is the quickest and easiest way to gain mastery over...
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Percolating Awe

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Last week in my Challenge B class, I was fervently attempting to cover our introductory material for chemistry. There was plenty to discuss and the concepts were new to the students. Hence, I knew there would be some deer-in-the-headlights reactions to some of the...
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Classical, Christian Cardboard Cutouts

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This article originally appeared on the blog Hays Haus. We hope you enjoy reading it here. As parents, we have the opportunity to instill countless habits, tendencies, or trajectories in our children’s lives. Some of these come naturally by virtue of the atmosphere of...
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