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The Benefits, Blessings, and Beauty of a Smaller Classical Conversations Community

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by Tamatha
Tuesday, 25 July, 2017
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I am a veteran Classical Conversations mom. The 2017-18 academic year will begin my eleventh year with Classical Conversations and my thirteenth year homeschooling. I have loved my homeschooling journey! Deciding to homeschool my children was, in fact, one of the best...
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The Truth about Classical Conversations

We are coming up on our eighth year in Classical Conversations, and we truly love it more each year. For this reason I thought I would take a minute to share what we have learned during the last seven years. Classical Conversations truly is a classical Christian...
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Cultivating Community to Make Him Known

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Not everyone has the privilege of saying they are from “the friendliest city in America” or “the Holy City of America.” Charleston, South Carolina, is my hometown and where my family roots run deep. It is where I was born, enjoyed summers at the lakes and beaches,...
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Classical Conversations Comes to the Rescue

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“Are you sure you want to drive this van all the way to Baton Rouge?” This is the question our mechanic asked us when we told him why we were repairing the alternator and rear air conditioning on our 2003 Chevy Venture minivan which showed nearly 230,000 miles on the...
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Opening Your Heart in a Multi–Denominational Ministry Like Classical Conversations

We know the Church is the global body of Christ, but how often do we really have the opportunity to get together with people of other denominations? Our Classical Conversations communities are a wonderful taste of such an experience. What a treasure to hear the words...
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