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Classical Conversations Plus: a Different Kind of Dual Enrollment Program

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by Linda
Monday, 22 July, 2013
categories: Classical Christian Education
Dual enrollment for the mature and capable homeschool student presents a valid means of gaining college credit while in high school. With careful planning, the industrious student gains credit and experience, while starting to whittle away general education credits...
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Bryan College Note to Challenge III Parents

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Dear Challenge III Parents, I hope you have heard by now that Classical Conversations has partnered with Bryan College to begin offering dual enrollment credit to students in the Challenge program. Students seeking dual enrollment credit will be registered directly...
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Student Spotlight with Jessica S.

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Student Highlight:  Jessica Stockton, Virginia Each Friday we will be spotlighting a member of Classical Conversations: the first Friday will be a homeschool graduate who attended CC's Challenge program, the second Friday will be a current student, the third a state...
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