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Articles tagged Advanced Math

Why Teach Algebra? Part Two

In part one of this article we examined what we are really teaching when we teach mathematics and why it is important. In part two we will explore why practical math alone is not enough.  Tricks Without Understanding Many of the people who argue against teaching...
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Why Teach Algebra? Part One

There has been a growing trend to say that Americans need less algebra education. In The Math Myth, Andrew Hacker argues that algebra and other upper-level high school mathematics like geometry and trigonometry are largely unnecessary for students and can even get in...
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Classical Conversations Bryan College

Announcing an exciting homeschool through high school program with Bryan College and Classical Conversations. Updated November 2, 2011 Semester 2 Course Syllabus now available. Updated August 19, 2011 Sign up for CC+/Bryan College Dual Enrollment here. Read an email...
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