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Articles dated August 2017

Make your Classical Conversations® back-to-school shopping list and check it twice

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by John
Tuesday, 08 August, 2017
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By John Carpenter & April Foster COMMUNICATIONS TEAM Early August is either an exciting time or a terrifying time as a homeschool parent, depending on your perspective and your level of preparedness. For most Classical Conversations’ parents and their children,...
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Celebrating a Family Culture of Learning

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One of my family’s favorite activities is taking evening walks in a nearby arboretum. We love watching the flowers eagerly surge in and out of season and observing the trees as they testify to both permanence and transience. We each have beloved vistas along the way...
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Record Keeping that Aims for Heaven Part Two: Seek the “maximums”

The first part of this article offered some examples of questions that I believe need to be asked and answered about keeping home education records. In contemplating those questions, homeschooling families can come to understand the purposes and principles behind the...
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The Absolute Worst Thing Ever (and homeschool sticking points)

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I recently discovered a free app[1] that allows you to scan the bar codes of all the books you own to create a digital catalog of your library. For a bibliophile like me, this is a dream come true. Over a period of several weeks, I eked out five minutes here and five...
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A Glorious Journey

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I, along with the majority of classically educating homeschool parents, received a modern education in public K-12 schools. Most of us are making the choice to provide our children with an unknown yet compelling classical Christian education. We are together in a...
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