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Articles dated April 2016

Carpe Opportunity

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I have been teaching Latin now for almost twenty years. Often the parents of my students will lament to me that they did not learn Latin, or any other language, when they were young. I will often ask them a simple question: “Why not start now?” The quick answer is...
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History, Government, and Economics, Oh My!

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“As with government and economics, history helps students understand what it means to be human, and it informs their identity as a member of a particular history. Furthermore, it demands that they ask certain questions and make certain judgements” (Leigh Bortins, The...
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A Commencement Address to Foundations Families

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Plutarch famously said, “The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lie in the felicity of lighting on good education.” Now we, as Christians, know that our faith is also essential, but this famous quote is not without merit. Throughout this speech I hope to...
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