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Articles dated February 2016

The Magic Fishbone

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Have you ever felt intimidated by a book? Are there any authors who overwhelm you simply by reputation? Tolstoy perhaps? Famous for Anna Karenina and War and Peace, he is not exactly known for brief or immediately accessible literature. How about Nathaniel Hawthorne,...
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Patrick Henry Debates

by Sarah
Thursday, 18 February, 2016
categories: Articles, Classical Christian Education, Rhetoric Stage (ages 14 to 18)
In the years leading up to the Revolutionary War, the debate raged over whether to fight and leave Great Britain, or to keep trying to work things out. (Sounds like a great issue for an ANI chart!) Patrick Henry stood up in St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia and...
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Pursuing Music Well

My wife Catie has always known me to care about music. In the time we have been married she has seen me care about music in ways that are good and in ways that are not so good. She has watched me grow in both my passion for and study of music, and I confess that I will...
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Why You Should Teach Your Children Computer Programming

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Computers are everywhere. In fact, today most people have multiple computers. Some people have a laptop, a desktop, a phone, and a tablet. That makes four general-purpose computers at their disposal. This doesn’t even count the special-purpose computers that exist in...
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Wonderstruck by Science

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The Conversation Monthly Wonderstruck by Science “Life is at its best is an adventure, a voyage of discovery. What could be more gratifying than to discover, describe and explain some basic principle that no human being has ever understood before? This is the stuff of...
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