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Articles dated October 2015

Carry On, Mr. Linguist!

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Perhaps you are familiar with the book Carry On, Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham. Carry On, Mr. Bowditch is the story of an early American merchant who spends quite a bit of his time at sea. As Mr. Bowditch sails around the world selling his wares, he teaches himself...
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The First Debate

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"Did God really say?"  And so began the first debate.  Satan, the original sophist, uses his crafty rhetoric for his own pleasure and benefit.  His exordium, a simple question, sets the tragic events into motion. Eve's response is most intriguing:  "God did say, ‘You...
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What’s In Your Classroom?

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What’s In Your Classroom? The Three Essential Ingredients for a High School at Home “Homeschooling is a team sport. Our goal is not to launch our children as individuals, but to unify a family that can face the challenges and rewards of life as a team” (Leigh Bortins...
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Soul of Science: Looking at Science from the Roots Up

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Modern culture often paints the picture that science did not begin to flourish until it was freed from the chains of religion and philosophy. Among academia today, the dominant view is that “religion” is opposed to “science,” and that scientific advances exist because...
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Help! I didn’t have a classical education!

Ever since the launch of the Cultivating Classical Parents webinar series, I have received many emails from parents with the same theme. How can I give my children a classical education when I didn’t receive one? If you have had thoughts like these, you are in good...
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