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Articles dated September 2015

A Journey Worth Taking

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My mother has a beautiful mezzo soprano voice. When I was a child, she participated in many community choirs, and, due to my father’s deployments with the Navy, she frequently had her three little girls in tow. Because of this, I grew up learning the parts to Handel’s...
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How to Watch Frozen Classically

Students in the grammar stage typically enjoy repetition and memorization. Often, they especially enjoy the repetition and memorization of books or movies that, while not particularly noteworthy, are significant to them. Right now, my daughters are listening to Andrew...
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A Life Worthy of Explanation

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“We didn’t set out with a list of reasons we would homeschool in high school; rather, we pursued a life we loved” (Leigh Bortins, The Conversation, 6). Recently, I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Francis Chan. He made a statement that stuck with me even though I...
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Soul of Science: Learn to Ask the Big Questions

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Science, as a discipline, seems to possess a greater hold than all others on the modern mind. Much of popular culture has endowed science with the influence of the highest authority, deferring to the explanations, theories, and agenda of the scientific community....
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