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Articles dated February 2015


Imagine I gently place a piece of colored glass in your hand. You could study its color, texture, size, and shape. Now, imagine I place more pieces in your hand until your hand is full. After studying each piece, you may decide you like some pieces better than others,...
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The Importance of Amateur Involvement in Science

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by Jonathan
Thursday, 26 February, 2015
categories: Classical Christian Education
Revisiting Some Archived Articles that Have Not Been Lost, but May Have Been Forgotten and Are Worth a Fresh Read Original Post Date: July 20, 2011   Can you teach science? Yes you can! In the modern age, it is not only professional scientists who must engage...
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Devices of Style - Part II: Schemes, a Closer Look

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“A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.” -- Louis Nizer1 As much fun as some of us have with the Greek words for these...
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A Quadrivium Developed (Part One)

"The value of an education in a liberal arts college is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks." —Albert Einstein Education is much more than teaching specific content needed to pass the...
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Wonder Woman Tutors Challenge B

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Growing up, I loved Wonder Woman. Not just a little bit, a lot. It helped having the weekly television show featuring actress Linda Carter with her lasso of truth, invisible jet, and shiny outfit, complete with gold crown. The true reason I liked her was that she was...
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