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Articles dated January 2015

Homeschooling an 8th Grader: An Honest Look at Challenge B

One of the great benefits of homeschooling is the education parents can receive—most often an education very unlike the one they received when they were young.  It is an honor to learn alongside my daughter this year in Classical Conversations Challenge B as she...
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Thoughts on the Letter ‘C’

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Revisiting Some Archived Articles that Have Not Been Lost, but May Have Been Forgotten and Are Worth a Fresh Read Original Post Date: August 14, 2012 I would like to take some time in this article revisiting what should be a very familiar story from the Bible, the...
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Identity and Music

by Caleb
Tuesday, 27 January, 2015
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As humans we crave an understanding of who we are and our purpose for living. Many of us find purpose through the approval of others or by connecting ourselves with a certain person or group of people. Ironically, we may even find purpose through the approval of no one...
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A Triumph in a Boy’s Life: Alan and His Liberal Arts Education

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Upon looking at the scope and sequence of any classical curriculum, one often feels an overwhelming sense of awe for anyone who could accomplish all that is being proposed, as well as a sinking feeling concerning one’s own likelihood of being counted in that number. I...
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Devices of Style - Part I: Introduction

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“He mobilized the English language and sent it into battle.” - John F. Kennedy, speaking of Winston Churchill Winter’s long dark evenings invite us to curl up with a thick novel. This winter as I amble through Lorna Doone, a story slow in action, but rich in language,...
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