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Articles dated November 2014

The Double Blessing: Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It ranks high because I love good food and good fellowship. Thanksgiving, of course, incorporates both of those for many of us. Living in North Carolina, but with most of our family in Florida, Thanksgiving is our annual...
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Gospel-Centered Productivity for Homeschool Families

Yes, I am reading yet another book on productivity. With six children, an aging father-in-law, a self-employed husband, and an irrepressible desire to do something more, I just may have an excuse. I know I have many kindred spirits in the classical homeschooling family...
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Can You Do That?

We belong to a very small subset of the population. We live on one income, we have more than two children (in fact, at last count, there were five), we homeschool, and two of our children have disabilities. Those last two facts are the ones about which I receive the...
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Exploring the Challenge Programs: Why Study ‘Old-Fashioned’ Subjects?

The Classical Conversations’ Challenge programs introduce students to many valuable subjects as they practice the skills of learning. These subjects include some that are undisputedly regarded as significant today, such as algebra, while others have fallen out of favor...
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Five Ways to Give Thanks for One Thousand Gifts

Revisiting Some Archived Articles that Have Not Been Lost, but May Have Been Forgotten and Are Worth a Fresh Read Five Ways to Give Thanks for One Thousand Giftsby Ruth E. Holleran “I look down at the pen, this pen I keep wielding, one writing her way all the way to...
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