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Articles dated October 2014

It's All about Value!

Revisiting Some Archived Articles that Have Not Been Lost, but May Have Been Forgotten and Are Worth a Fresh Read Did you know that math is about more than numerical values arranged in symbolic sentences? It has great value in itself for practical application, of...
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Wrestling with the Question

What is the purpose of a question? Is it to come up with a correct answer or should there be something more? What if we used questions to stimulate more questions? What if our purpose for asking questions was to extend the curiosity of our students rather than just...
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The Power of Yes

I felt like an alien in my own home, teetering on the verge of tears. Just days before, I was melting in the hot Guatemalan sun, mosquitoes attacking my shins. I could not have been happier. How I longed for that now as I felt the busyness of the world pressing hard...
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The Classical Model: Preparing Students AND Parents for Post-Graduation Endeavors

Congratulations, Classical Conversations parent! I am proud to present you with a personal “Certificate of Readiness to Tackle College Admissions and Everything Else that Comes After High School.” At least, I wish I could present each of you with that certificate. Come...
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Can My Child with Autism Succeed in Challenge?

Socks worn wrong side out, tags cut from every piece of clothing, food which mustn’t touch and must be of similar consistency and color. Odd questions at odd times on odd topics, usually in public from a tiptoeing, finger-waving, beautiful enigma. No eye contact. No...
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