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Articles dated September 2014

Is It Possible to Integrate Even More?

Integration. To some, it’s a dirty word. To others, it’s a beautiful thing. God is the author of all subjects. If they are all authored by Him and all point to Him, then they must point to one another, as well. Your history discussions will quite naturally call to mind...
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Some Advice for a New School Year

The new school year brings many new things. Among these are new families and new students who have joined Classical Conversations communities around the world. For many of these new families, homeschooling moms and dads are experiencing a number of new emotions: fear,...
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Improving Our Vision: Many are the plans...

For all you planners, perfectionists, and overwhelmed moms out there, here's my little story from three years ago which I hope will provide you with a dose of hope and encouragement! At the beginning of our summer, I had it all figured out. I had plans to make plans to...
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Classical—Christian—Community (Part Two)

In my first article on this topic I focused on the overarching vision of Classical Conversations which is often delineated by the alliterative, threefold focus: Classical Christian Community. This article will focus on community as it relates to each of the three...
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Waking Beauty

by David
Wednesday, 03 September, 2014
categories: Articles, Big Ideas: Truth, Beauty, Goodness and more!, Homeschooling Life
Throughout history, mankind has appreciated beauty in nearly every area of experience: art, literature, architecture, engineering, design, arrangement, nature, astronomy, landscaping, music, mathematics, animals, gardens, food, geographical features, skies, birdsongs,...
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