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Articles dated May 2014

The Practical Classical Education

This month, I visited St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland for their Accepted Students Day. My oldest son, Alec, graduated from Challenge IV in the spring of 2013 and will complete his year at Mandala Fellowship in May. He has been accepted to St. John’s, so we...
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Classical Education Myth #5: Classical education isn't Christian.

Can an education be both classical and Christian? Many parents ask this question every year, unknowingly echoing an age-old query. Parents often associate a classical education with “non-Christian” content such as Greek mythology or philosophy. Naturally, they then...
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Who Is Your Hero?

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Chapters Nine through Eleven – History, Science, & Fine Arts Who Is Your Hero? by Cara McLauchlan   “If we do not move our children to discover heroes to imitate, they will invent their own. That is what the cultural icons have become….If however, I want my child...
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