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Articles dated April 2014

Essentials to Challenge I Latin

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by Chelly
Monday, 07 April, 2014
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One of the things that first attracted me to the classical model of learning was its emphasis on language skills as a tool to develop thinking skills, because words are the building blocks of ideas. Those who have a mastery of words have a greater ability to master...
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Divided Responsibility

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To me, a professor asking a question is a professor expecting a response. In my Classical Conversations seminars, students rarely failed to provide some kind of comment when asked. More often, in fact, tutors had to help choreograph the admittance of so many eager...
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Studying Latin: the Benefit and the Beauty

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Latin is alive and well at the college level, and Challenge III and IV will prepare your student to join the conversation. In fact, the conversation could turn out to be a lot more familiar than expected. A sophomore at an in-state liberal arts college, my daughter...
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