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Articles dated March 2014

Classical Conversations Writer's Circle

What Is Classical Conversations?

by Jennifer
Friday, 07 March, 2014
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And it came to pass, as her soul was in departing, (for she died) that she called his name Benoni: but his father called him Benjamin.      -- Genesis 35:18 (KJV) This seemingly inconsequential detail reveals to us the importance of names. With her dying breath, Rachel...
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Harmony in Education

Is there harmony in this world? How does this harmony inform our actions as Christians? How does this harmony inform how we approach simpler, more familiar ideas and how we approach complex, less familiar ideas? Here at Rivendell, we just completed our mathematics...
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Why Write? Rhetoric Across the Curriculum

Writing well is an undisputed goal of excellent education. However, as with all things rich in character, the process of good writing bequeaths an even greater blessing. When we study formal writing using the five canons of rhetoric, we are also teaching our students...
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How Blue Book Exams Get at the Heart of Assessment

Homeschooling parents desire to give their children a better education than the one they received. However, we often fall back on the same methods that were used in our education, particularly in the area of assessment. Instead, let us pause and think about a true...
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The “Official Which” and the Canon of Rhetoric

We engage in the art of rhetoric in order to persuade others to the true, the good, or the beautiful. Any act of persuasion that seeks to move someone toward the false, the bad, or the ugly—intentional or not—is an act of sophistry. What often moves or persuades...
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