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Articles dated April 2013

The Missing Pieces of Public Education

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by Jonathan
Thursday, 11 April, 2013
categories: Classical Christian Education
This article is modified from sections from the newly-released book MicroSecession: Simple Ways to Liberate Yourself, Your Family, and Your Community from Government Idiocy. When people think of the word “education,” usually the first thing that pops into their minds...
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The Two Most Common Misunderstandings I Have Seen Concerning Latin

I hope the end of the school year finds you well. Memory Master testing, awards, and, perhaps, blue book exams await you! These days are very exciting and busy. It seems as though God has given me two matters about which to expound. Recently, I have received emails...
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Why Does Classical Conversations Encourage One Teacher for All Subjects?

I remember an incident that occurred when my children were somewhat younger; I happened upon two of them in an argument. One child was angry with the other because a toy had been claimed that he wanted. Rather than resort to diplomatic measures, such as no-fly zones...
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Learning from a Simple Melody: Scarborough Fair (Excerpted from The Neglected Muse: Why Music Is an Essential Liberal Art [Part IV*])

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Music education that aims at real knowledge requires careful attention to the elements of music: tones, time-values, intervals, etc. Students must learn to read music and correctly identify notes on a staff. Soon after this "basic training," they should look closely at...
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Spontaneous Integration: Jazz Music, Playwrights, and the Cold War

What do Shakespeare, actors, newspapers, jazz, and communism all have in common? Continue reading this article to discover how one Challenge III class threaded these disparate ideas together. Last week in my Challenge III class, we had some spontaneous moments for...
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