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Articles dated March 2013

Sports: The Open Door for Government Control of Homeschooling in America

Some people believe the “Tebow Laws,” which are being proposed in various states, are a positive advancement for homeschooling. However, I believe homeschoolers should seriously consider the following perspective: although it is, perhaps, mostly like-minded friends who...
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Bear Fruit in Large Quantities: The Orchard Apprenticeship

by Matt
Tuesday, 05 March, 2013
categories: College and Post Graduation
What is an orchard? The easiest and most obvious answer is that it is a large field with fruit-producing trees, intentionally planted for the purpose of harvesting large quantities of fruit. The less obvious answer, however, is the one that needs to be considered....
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Let’s Do Something Beautiful for God

by Courtney
Monday, 04 March, 2013
categories: Classical Christian Education
I have been familiar with the name 0f Mother Teresa all my life, but I was not really inspired by her until recently, when I read Malcolm Muggeridge’s short book entitled Something Beautiful for God. Mother Teresa vowed, as have the men and women who work with her...
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The Novel Every Christian Should Read

“We think it our duty to notice that, outside of and, so to say, beyond his faith, the bishop had an excess of love.”1 This is Victor Hugo’s description, in his novel Les Misérables, of the Bishop of Digne, a man who gave away his bishop’s palace to the local...
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