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Articles dated February 2013

Music Shapes Us (Excerpted from The Neglected Muse: Why Music Is an Essential Liberal Art [Part III*])

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Even apart from [its] profound connection with mathematics, music is pre-eminent among the arts for the order and clarity, the sharply defined character, of its elements. Music moves us, sometimes to overpowering emotion. It does so through well-defined structures,...
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Third Declension Latin Adjectives: The Thirds (Part III of III)

by Kathy
Wednesday, 27 February, 2013
categories: Articles, Classical Christian Education, Rhetoric Stage (ages 14 to 18)
We have spent the past few months discussing the enigmatic thirds in Latin: third declension, third conjugation, and now, third declension adjectives.   Let us review the basics of the thirds. Third conjugation verbs have –ere (short “e,” in contrast to the second...
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Your Presuppositions Are Showing

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by Lisa
Monday, 25 February, 2013
categories: Classical Christian Education
If you have ever read Robinson Crusoe, you may remember one of his most serendipitous discoveries. Crusoe, the shipwrecked castaway, finds barley growing by his homemade shelter and realizes that he himself must have grown it, however unintentionally. He deduces that...
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Eradicate Truncated Similes for Just 72¢ per Day!

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WARNING: Before you read this article, please know that if you proceed you will inevitably become acutely aware of something that will, henceforth, continually unsettle you. If you are prepared for that eventuality, then read on. A few years ago, my family and I were...
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The Qualities of the Best Schools

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A few years ago I began to make a list of qualities that I see in the best schools I visit. I measure the quality of the school by the depth of its investment into each student’s soul, which may cause this to be a not very practical list. At any rate, here it is. The...
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