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Articles dated January 2013

Happy New Year

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by Robert
Wednesday, 09 January, 2013
categories: Articles, Classical Christian Education, Homeschooling Life
The New Year is a good time to make changes in your life, because you have just experienced a time of rest and reflection. Nevertheless, it seems to be a tradition in America to make New Year resolutions and then break them before the second month begins. The reason...
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Be Transformed

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by Courtney
Monday, 07 January, 2013
categories: Articles, Classical Christian Education
January is the best time to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. I’m using these cold winter nights to read the Challenge II literature because my oldest will be reading those books next year. I read the Challenge literature ahead of time so that I will be...
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Philosophy: What's the Use?

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“Why do we have to study the things a bunch of dead guys said years ago?” This is a fairly common question posed by philosophy students. It is a reasonable question, but it is a “top floor” question. To sufficiently answer it, we must journey down to the “basement” to...
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Got Myth?

The mythos represents man’s imaginative and, ultimately, spiritual effort to make this world intelligible; the logos sets forth his rational attempt to do the same.1 Humans have two basic tools with which to make this world intelligible: the mythos and the logos;...
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