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Articles dated October 2012

Only the Lover Sings

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When I read my beloved Odyssey, which I seem, finally, to have learned how to read on its own terms, I find myself filled with admiration at the almost miraculous creativity of Homer and Odysseus, of Athene and Demodokos and Hephaistos, and (maybe my favorite) of...
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Won’t Back Down: A Movie for Homeschoolers

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by Ruth
Thursday, 11 October, 2012
categories: Homeschooling Life
Date Night falls in the middle of the week. My husband and I make it a priority so we can withdraw from our businesses and enjoy some experience in common. This week we went to a theater to watch Won’t Back Down. It tells the story of two mothers who fight a failing...
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The Fair

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by David
Tuesday, 09 October, 2012
categories: Homeschooling Life
As the weather cools down in the piedmont of North Carolina, I begin anticipating the Dixie Classic Fair. I love the crisp air, clear skies, the smell of funnel cakes and grilled sausage, the sound of barkers offering to guess my weight and age, the reminders of the...
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Ten Ways to Destroy the Intelligence of Your Child

1. Away with Memory, or: “That’s Why We Have Calculators and Google.” I didn’t memorize facts in school and I turned out okay. Trust me. I take the time necessary to whip out my smart phone and pull up the calculator app, or open the browser and navigate to Google, so...
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Marking Life's Seasons

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by Nancy
Thursday, 04 October, 2012
categories: Classical Christian Education
“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (Ecclesiastes 3:1, NIV). Growing up in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, I learned and loved the rhythm of the seasons. A new school year brought the smell of new leather shoes and book bag...
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