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Articles dated October 2012

Before the Great Conversation

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I am by vocation a professional theologian, at least by classical definitions. By more modern terms, I am more precisely a biblical scholar, which actually should be the only route to becoming a theologian. At any rate, my primary responsibilities at Community...
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Two Simple Tools: Revolutionize Your Homeschool

In our quest to recover the lost tools of learning, we must delve into the rich tools of memory and imagination. We often have the mistaken notion that our memory is simply the storage unit for information. This is true in the very early stages of learning, but our...
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Homeschooling for a Nation

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by Brian
Wednesday, 17 October, 2012
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Judgment: God’s purview. He will inevitably judge all individuals at the end of time. Historically, He has also passed judgment on nations here on this corporeal earth. How has He done this? In some cases, He used His divine power to squash them—for example when King...
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Teach Us to Pray

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By no stretch of the imagination am I a theologian. With that warning out of the way, I would like to write about teaching children how to pray. I must also note, at this point, that I do not have children. That does not mean, however, that I am not preparing to be a...
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Mentoring Programs: Discipleship and Leadership

What is a mentor, anyway?  In Homer’s Odyssey, Mentor is a wise older friend of Odysseus who advises his son Telemachus.  Ten years after the Trojan War ends, Odysseus has still not found his way home to Ithaka.  The men of the island try to convince his wife,...
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