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Articles dated August 2012

Assessment and Grades

by Matt
Thursday, 23 August, 2012
categories: Classical Christian Education, Homeschooling Life
Grading a homeschooled child’s assignments requires a proper understanding of evaluation and assessment. We need to understand—and effectively communicate to our children—the expectations of each assignment. Consideration has to be made for whether the assignment is to...
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What We Do, Well…

by Jen
Wednesday, 22 August, 2012
categories: Homeschooling Life
“What do you do?” “Well, I work in a coffee shop, but I just finished a Ph.D. in literature.” “Well, I work in sales right now, but I have a degree in biochemistry.” “Well, I’m trained as a chiropractor, but now I’m a stay-at-home mom.” “Well, I taught for thirty years...
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Teach Like Jesus

I sometimes cringe when I hear Jesus called a great teacher. All too often, those words are used to label Jesus as "merely" a great teacher, and He is so much more. Nevertheless, He was a great teacher. Like Jesus, the best teachers lead by example. Think about the...
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Hollywood: Remaking the Remakes

by Tobin
Saturday, 18 August, 2012
categories: Homeschooling Life
Hollywood is now well into an age of remakes. Almost every big movie that comes out is based on a comic book, novel, video game, or prior movie. I used to think that this was because “they’re running out of ideas,” but as it continues, I have discovered reason to be...
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What We Get Away With

by David
Thursday, 16 August, 2012
categories: Big Ideas: Truth, Beauty, Goodness and more!
A pastor friend began serving a plateaued traditional church many years ago. He helped the church grow tremendously, and the church continues to thrive under his leadership today. In the process of leading the change, he had to get rid of the old church constitution...
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