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Articles dated July 2011

Beefing Up Sixth Grade

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In more and more Classical Conversations communities, sixth graders start their final year in Foundations already knowing a lot of the memory work. Many of these students began Foundations sitting on mom’s lap and soaking up the timeline cards as early as age three....
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Back to School

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As you may know, Classical Conversations began when I was in high school. I was a student in the original Challenge I, II, and III programs with about eleven other students. It was just shortly before that time when my mom heard about classical education, so I missed...
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Classical Conversations Bryan College

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Announcing an exciting homeschool through high school program with Bryan College and Classical Conversations. Updated November 2, 2011 Semester 2 Course Syllabus now available. Updated August 19, 2011 Sign up for CC+/Bryan College Dual Enrollment here. Read an email...
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Summer Reading

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Every summer I read Dorothy Sayers’ mystery Gaudy Night. I look forward to it as I looked forward to swimming, lightning bugs, thunderstorms, and watermelon as a young girl growing up in central Ohio. The book is filled with complex characters and intricate plots,...
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How to Read a Great Book

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Before plays had acts and novels had chapters, people still had to figure out the form of the things they read. In the ancient world, writers seem to have treated the structure of their writing as a game. They used it to hide meanings and to give the reader clues to...
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