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A Symbol of Unconditional Love

When I first sat down to write this article, I had a specific message I intended to get across. As I was writing the final paragraph however, I realized my struggle to compose wasn’t because I had writer’s block; it was because I wasn’t writing what was on my heart. So...
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Six Tips to Research Well in the Digital Age

Research in the digital age is a new beast. Students today have access to more and more information, but rather than making research skills less important, widespread access to the Internet makes it even more crucial to learn how to research well. This article provides...
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Classical Grandparents

We sit side by side, propped up on pillows on my bed. It’s midday and neither of us is sick. We just like to do it this way. One by one each grandchild comes by “Grammy’s room” to do their math with me in turn (they fight about who has to go first—they are, after all,...
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How to Build Academic Integrity and Avoid Plagiarism

Note: This is a great article to read with your Challenge-aged students to start the conversation about academic honesty over the summer while there are no looming deadlines. You may want to consider printing the sidebar and posting it near your student's workspace. “...
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Graduation Thinking

“Hard work and perseverance remain the answers. In college prep, as in everything else, those who prepare far in advance and work like they are running a marathon are the ones who succeed. The college admissions process is just another thing to learn and do as a...
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