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Back to School (Part 3)

I am now preparing for the sixth week of Foundations and Essentials—halfway home for the semester and a quarter of the way done! I think the hardest part for me so far has been keeping up with consistently practicing the memory work. The weeks when I work consistently...
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Dolphin Tale (2011)

by Robert
Friday, 09 September, 2011
categories: Articles, Homeschooling Life
This past spring we had the privilege to partner with Grace Hill Media and The Homeschool Movie Club on their new movie Dolphin Tale. We were really excited to partner with them, but cautious as we needed to make sure it was a movie that we could get behind. They were...
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Back To School (Part 2): 1st Day of Class

I may have a college degree, I may have managed a mechanical team and engineering budget at my old job, and I may have been a little nervous my first day of school. Tuesday was my first official Foundations and Essentials class. Monday night, I called my mom in a panic...
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Bryan College Note to Challenge III Parents

Dear Challenge III Parents, I hope you have heard by now that Classical Conversations has partnered with Bryan College to begin offering dual enrollment credit to students in the Challenge program. Students seeking dual enrollment credit will be registered directly...
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Back to School

As you may know, Classical Conversations began when I was in high school. I was a student in the original Challenge I, II, and III programs with about eleven other students. It was just shortly before that time when my mom heard about classical education, so I missed...
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