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Happy New Year

by Robert
Wednesday, 09 January, 2013
categories: Articles, Classical Christian Education, Homeschooling Life
The New Year is a good time to make changes in your life, because you have just experienced a time of rest and reflection. Nevertheless, it seems to be a tradition in America to make New Year resolutions and then break them before the second month begins. The reason...
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The State of Classical Conversations Address, 2012

Watch this video to hear the thoughts of Leigh Bortins, Chief Academic Officer, and Robert Bortins, Chief Executive Officer, as they share a recap of 2012 and some thoughts for 2013.
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Teach Us to Pray

By no stretch of the imagination am I a theologian. With that warning out of the way, I would like to write about teaching children how to pray. I must also note, at this point, that I do not have children. That does not mean, however, that I am not preparing to be a...
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225th Anniversary of the Constitution of the United States

Every year we celebrate the birth of our nation on the Fourth of July. The date of the document that secured our freedom, however, is of equal importance.  September 17, 2012 marks the 225th anniversary of the Constitution. Our friends at The Heritage Foundation have...
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Last Ounce of Courage

I often hear from Classical Conversations families that there are not many family-friendly movies these days. So when one comes across my desk, I like to tell you about it. I recently received a screener’s copy of a new movie, Last Ounce of Courage. It was not produced...
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