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Articles by author: Dana Wilson

Success in Challenge for the Student with Disabilities

Students who learn differently will need a lot of support through adolescence, whatever their learning environment. One of the things that parents will do well to remember when evaluating the fitness of Classical Conversations Challenge classes for their children is...
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Can You Do That?

We belong to a very small subset of the population. We live on one income, we have more than two children (in fact, at last count, there were five), we homeschool, and two of our children have disabilities. Those last two facts are the ones about which I receive the...
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Stones of Remembrance

Fear is the constant companion of parents, is it not? When our children are sick or sickly, or have disorders, disabilities, and diagnoses that are known by an alphabet soup of acronyms, fear mounts quickly. I have faced my share of fear. Our daughter was known to have...
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Can My Child with Autism Succeed in Challenge?

Socks worn wrong side out, tags cut from every piece of clothing, food which mustn’t touch and must be of similar consistency and color. Odd questions at odd times on odd topics, usually in public from a tiptoeing, finger-waving, beautiful enigma. No eye contact. No...
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