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Articles by author: Caleb Skogen

The Gospel Paradox in the Christian Calendar

As Christians, as parents, and as educators, the question, “How do we order our time?” is important for us. Did you know that the historical church created a calendar that would help its congregants reorder their time and attention around Christ and the Gospel message...
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Christmas and Singing!

by Caleb
Thursday, 15 December, 2016
categories: Articles, Big Ideas: Truth, Beauty, Goodness and more!
Why is there so much singing at Christmas? From the beginning of Advent to the end of Christmas, singing dominates our experience of this season more than anything else. The general rule is that Christmas music doesn’t start until after Thanksgiving. But some people...
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Pursuing Music Well

My wife Catie has always known me to care about music. In the time we have been married she has seen me care about music in ways that are good and in ways that are not so good. She has watched me grow in both my passion for and study of music, and I confess that I will...
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Yes, Music Education Is Important!

by Caleb
Tuesday, 12 January, 2016
categories: Articles, Rhetoric Stage (ages 14 to 18)
In the early 6th century, the philosopher Boethius answered the question “What is a musician?”[i] For Boethius, a musician’s task was to go beyond the ability to perform an instrument or compose a song. A true musician was one who was able to judge music for its...
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Emotions and the Psalms

All the books of Scripture, both Old Testament and New, are inspired by God and useful for instruction, as the apostle says; but to those who really study it the Psalter yields especial treasure. Within it are represented and portrayed in all their great variety the...
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