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Articles by author: Leigh Bortins

Cultivating Curiosity: The Art of Asking Questions

Was your own education boring? Do your kids ever complain about boredom? This is a sure sign that we are not finding the wonder and loveliness of God’s world. How can we learn to look for it? By being curious and asking questions! Do you worry that you can never learn...
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The Question

The Question, by Leigh Bortins    Coming in October to!     “In college, my classmates were often annoyed with me; I kept asking questions, so the professors kept talking, sometimes beyond the bell. One day, there was an audible groan...
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Why Mandala?

The following is a transcript of Leigh Bortins answering the questions, “What is Mandala Fellowship?” and “Why did she choose to use terms that have pagan roots?” You can listen to the entire interview in the Leigh! @ Lunch archives here. The thing I love most about...
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Stick in the Sand: The Place of Technology in Community

When teaching my own boys or when tutoring CC students, I always ask myself this question:  If I only had a stick and sand, could I engage and effectively dialogue with my students about the concept I want to teach them?  Asking this question helps us to rely more on...
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Classical Conversations Bryan College

Announcing an exciting homeschool through high school program with Bryan College and Classical Conversations. Updated November 2, 2011 Semester 2 Course Syllabus now available. Updated August 19, 2011 Sign up for CC+/Bryan College Dual Enrollment here. Read an email...
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