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Celebrating Classical Education

As my children have left childhood and home and are entering into post-high school education and the world of work, I often reflect on our journey as a family and my growing understanding of Christian, classical education. This summer, the whole family spent a few...
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Hospitality and the Wintertime Learner: How to welcome students at home and in community

We start early, setting up tables and chairs for our community day. I think about how to create a space conducive to the day’s conversation. As I prepare for the day, the faces of the students move through my mind. I wonder how they have been, but I also wonder more...
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Classical Conversations in Singapore: Seeds and Socratic Circles

Classical Conversations in Singapore: Seeds and Socratic Circles by Heather Shirley and Daniel Shirley In the winter of this year, but in the summer on the other side of the world, we found ourselves traveling to Singapore, a city-state with some of the most test-...
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Top Ten Reasons Why I Love The Lost Tools of Writing’s Persuasive Essay

#10 My children are learning forms of thinking that will serve them for life. #9   Exordium provides a subversive lesson on honoring your neighbor. #8   My teenage children learn to consider another point of view besides their own!  #7   Narration teaches a mini-lesson...
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Graduation and Getting There

by Heather
Monday, 19 May, 2014
categories: Classical Christian Education
A handful of friends gathered around sharing stories, celebrating achievements, and finally, praying over Daniel as one season of life was coming to a close and a new season was beginning. It was a time of joy, a time of tears, and a time of testimony. As I look back,...
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