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The Writers Circle Top 11 Articles of 2011

These rankings are according to the number of hits throughout 2011.


Jen_Courtney_new_picture#11July 4th Celebrations and Memory Work

        by Jennifer Courtney 

          "On July 4th, and on other American holidays, do we really pause to reflect on our nation’s history?"

Jen_Courtney_new_picture#10. Lessons from the Past: The Core of History

       by Jennifer Courtney

         "Through history, we see God’s unfolding plan for humanity. We learn about both the incredible triumphs and the failures of humankind."

andrea newitt#9. Is Your Homeschool Floundering or Flourishing? 

     by Andrea Newitt

       "Staying committed to homeschooling through high school using a classical approach can be downright intimidating; it looks so different than all the other methods and often stretches us in ways we never even imagined."


Courtney726#8. Beefing Up Sixth Grade 

     by Courtney Sanford

       "Many of these students began Foundations sitting on mom’s lap and soaking up the timeline cards as early as age three. How do we keep them engaged through Foundations and prepare them for Challenge A?"


Courtney726#7. Essentials Served Family Style

     by Courtney Sanford

      "Not only will Essentials get a beautiful new guide and two new Trivium Tables for this fall, classes will also go Family Style."

Jen_Courtney_new_picture#6. Summer Read Alouds

     by Jennifer Courtney

     "Compelling, well-written stories allow our children to recognize the errors of others, eventually avoiding them in their own lives, and to rise to the exercise of virtues like courage, chivalry, and self-sacrifice."

Jen_Courtney_new_picture#5. Why Homeschool?

      by Jennifer Courtney

       "Recent news coverage of homeschooling has revealed a 75 % increase in homeschooling in the past eight years.  In addition, the reporting demonstrated a slight shift in the reasons families cite for choosing this path."

jonathan_bartlett#4. The Questions of Origins and the 2012 Presidential Election

      by Jonathan Bartlett

      "Even more so, my hope is that this will help parents understand and teach the practical consequences of our beliefs within everyday life."

jonathan_bartlett#3. Relating Science to Faith in a Classical Education

     by Jonathan Bartlett

      "The question of how science relates to faith is one that seems to baffle many people, but this need not be so."

Courtney726#2. Getting Organized: Garlands of Hosannas

     by Courtney Sanford

      "These messy things remind me of how precious my children are and how much homeschooling means to me. I couldn’t cover them up or hide them."

mattbiopic#1. Dads as Transformers

     by Matt Bianco

      "Love transforms, and a father is the loving transformer of a mother. Love your wife. Love the mother of your children. Be a transformer."



Thank you to all our Writer Circle authors and also thank you to all our readers! We hope you all continue to keep up with our WC articles in 2012!



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