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A Quick Look Back at 2011

We would like to wish a Merry Christmas to all homeschoolers and to those who take part in Classical Conversations communities across the world. This past year has flown by, and we have been very blessed by our Lord and Savior to have been able to help so many of you. This year, we attended over 250 events in over forty states. The number of Classical Conversations students grew to over 37,000 — and to over 100,000 participating individuals when you include moms, dads, and siblings across the globe. It has been amazing to watch the growth this year. That is just a testament to what God will honor when you are following His footsteps, and it is a testament to the great work you have been doing with your children at home. We would not grow if you were not succeeding as parents. We would not want to grow if we were not helping parents.

This year we hosted our first Toward the Quadrivium event that began the conversation about what the Quadrivium is, and what our goal should be for the future of higher education. Approximately 120 of us had the pleasure of hearing from nationally acclaimed author and speaker Nancy Pearcey and college administrator, Classical Conversations parent, director, and speaker Charles Carpenter.

Over fifty communities hosted our first Educational Excellence events in which families were able to invite friends and community leaders to check out a day at Classical Conversations and speak with our children.

Our dedicated team improved our leadership and educational training and provided more resources to tutors, directors, and parents. Our team released a new book, Classical Christian Education Made Approachable, to help parents understand the Classical Christian model of education. We launched Facebook and Twitter accounts so that Classical Conversations could reach you in new ways and allow us to share some of our insights with you.  A number of experts and parents joined us to launch the Writers’ Circle and brought you almost 200 unique articles to help you homeschool and keep you inspired.

Almost 12,000 of you attended our free summer training events, Parent Practicums, where we dove in to “improve our vision.”  The positive responses we received were amazing and we are looking forward to a great 2012 Practicum season.

Because of our growth, we have been able to hire more homeschooling parents than ever before and offer more contract opportunities than ever before. We just launched our website in order to offer even more opportunities to parents who want to be involved and help us offer a better product to our customers.

As we look forward to what the Lord has for us in 2012, it is important to appreciate all He has already given to us. Thank you for all the wonderful things you are doing and for the sacrifices you are making to give the gift of education to your children.  This Christmas, remember: That is the best gift you could ever give.


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