To know God and to make Him known.

Principles First: The Way to Freedom

by Jill Philbrick


Godly principles abound in math!


Do you have to know every single math equation in the whole wide world as individual pieces of knowledge? No! We learn the rules, we study the questions, and then we can approach any equation to apply the facts we have learned.


Over the last year or two, a recurring theme has surfaced in discussions with other parents: gaps in the rules.


In my personal study (learning Latin or doing math I did back when I was in high school), it has been obvious when I did not value the rules (laws) enough to study them and just skipped straight to the assignment. In those cases, I became confused or frustrated.


Why? I needed to prepare. Those rules and laws were not there to discourage me. Yes, they took some time to understand, but they gave me the authority to take correct next steps in solving the problem before me. Armed with knowledge and understanding, I had basis and precedent. I was no longer guessing. 


We can compare this to spiritual knowledge. We speak about the value of relationship with scripture, prayer, faith, and––of course––love. We can coast along on the obvious (e.g., having good manners, being nice, forgiving, following the golden rule), but sooner or later we will need to invest in the “laws” that impact and apply to our faith on other levels, even when they look tangled.


Let me say that again: Sooner or later we will need to invest in the “laws” that impact and apply to our faith (or math, or language) on other levels.


There is no way we can imagine a customized plan for every single circumstance we will ever face. Thankfully we can build confidence in the laws and principles of God's Word. We can learn what questions to ask; we can learn the spiritual “laws” that God has set in place. 


Praise God! He is an orderly God who honors His word! It is like the structure and language of math: useful in every exercise of faith we will ever encounter!


This is another reason I love learning with my family: I love the connections that God speaks to my heart both privately and with others who can relate!


And now I'm joyfully praising God for the safety of His precedent!


I am set free by his law of life in Christ Jesus!




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