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Parent Practicums focus on logic and relationships

Tens of thousands of parents interested in homeschooling will attend free three-day parent conferences this spring and summer in more than 550 cities in all 50 states and several foreign countries.

Veteran home educators will lead the sessions, designed to inform and encourage parents who already homeschool or are interested in homeschooling. The free conferences, also called Parent Practicums, are coordinated by Classical Conversations®, an educational resource for Christian homeschoolers. Although the conference is free, participants are encouraged to register at

The theme of the conferences is “Reasoning Together: The Art of Relationships.” Few things in life are more foundational than relationships. Relationships govern homes, families, neighborhoods, conversations, even your thinking. During the sessions, speakers will help attendees explore the principles of clear thinking, identify opportunities for using logic in their everyday lives, and help them map out the baby steps they can take with their students to lead them toward the practice of clear thinking.

 “A Parent Conference is a pep rally, a Bible study and a college course all rolled into three days!” said Amy Jones, a homeschool mom who attended a parent conference in Chattanooga last year.

While parents learn, their children can learn, too. Low-cost day camps ([$42] per child) are available for children of attendees, kindergarten to teen. Camps include nursery and play camps for younger children, memorizing and drawing the world in geo-drawing camp or learning about history, language, writing, science, logic, debate, or public speaking in academic camps for older students. Advance registration for student camps is required.

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Classical Conversations now has more than 105,000 students enrolled in its tutoring programs, which are provided by almost 2,500 CC communities. CC provides resources, guidance and a community for a Christian home school curriculum using classical education in three developmental stages: grammar, dialectic and rhetoric.

Leigh Bortins started Classical Conversations in 1997. The family-owned company is headquartered in Southern Pines, North Carolina. For more information, visit


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