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‘Oh, the places you will go’ with CC’s new cartography book

Good books can take you to places you’ve never been before, both real and imagined, and times past, present and future. Classics like “The Bronze Bow,” “Carry on, Mr. Bowditch,” and “Starship Troopers” can take you to 1st-century Galilee under the Romans, to sea in the early 19th century and to faraway planets in the 23rd century. But a good book doesn’t have to be a novel in order to entertain and take you places.

Classical Conversations’ newly released “Exploring the World Through Cartography” is a gem of a book that can truly take you to the ends of the earth. Its topical spread design encourages browsing, and its gorgeous images and clear explanations will keep the student’s attention, no matter what the age. It is reminiscent of Usborne® and DK® books in design and visuals and covers the subject matter in a thorough yet easily understandable way.

Cartography is the study and practice of making maps, a magical mixture of science, art and drafting. Since ancient times, mapmakers have believed that they could create accurate models of the physical world around them. While the tools have changed with the times, the delight of exploration and discovery and accurately portraying those discoveries by cartographers is still the same—from mapping the land masses around the Mediterranean Sea and the uncharted territories of the New World to creating 3-D models of our galaxy and the universe beyond.

This is not a geography textbook or an atlas, but it is an excellent guide to exploring the world around us and touches on, not only the physical details—the maps—of the world around us and the history of mapmaking, but how the geography impacted history, art, science, etc. Knowing where to find places and features of the world is foundational to understanding other areas of study.

“It’s beautiful, and it’s full of interesting facts!” said Jen Greenholt, production director for CCMM, Classical Conversations’ publishing arm. “Drawing the world from memory—which CC students do with the help of resources like this—is a lost art.”

“Exploring the World Through Cartography” is a required resource for students in Challenge A (seventh grade) and a suggested resource for Challenge IV (12th grade), replacing “The Compact Atlas of the World.” It would be a valuable resource for students of all ages in CC, and anyone interested in geography, history, classical education or just a really cool coffee table book.

The hardcover book is 9”x12” with vivid color art throughout its 208 pages. It contains modern atlases with political maps and physical features, historical maps, blank maps for tracing and drawing practice and beautiful satellite images. It also includes engaging stories about the way geography has affected history and special pages highlighting regional history such as the British tea trade and China’s Silk Road.

 “Exploring the World Through Cartography” is available for $34.99 at:

 “It’s a curious paradox that educational leaders claim to be preparing students for a global economy while neglecting to teach students about the places on the globe,” said Jennifer Courtney, CCMM parent education director. “Just as students of history must be familiar with important events and people, classically educated students must be familiar with the important places. I think ‘Cartography’ will help our students do just that.”

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