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New U.S. placemats encourage independent the dinner table

Children whose innate love of learning has been nurtured will learn naturally in any environment without even thinking about it, and one of the most natural places of all to learn is right at the kitchen table. Enter the new Trivium at the Table placemats with maps of the U.S. from Cycle 3.

These colorful, durable placemats are designed for K4, but promote independent learning by children of any age. The set of four: two U.S. States and Capitals placemats and two U.S. Physical Features placemats, are printed with unlabeled maps on the front and completely identified maps on the back so children can check their knowledge themselves.

These laminated 11” x 17” double-sided placemats with rounded edges use a 5 mil. laminate and are nearly twice as thick as our Trivium Tables®. They are durable enough for years of daily use. Your children can draw and write on them with dry-erase markers, and you can still wipe them clean at the end of the day.

Children can chart a course of cheerios across the U.S., following the great trails of Westward Expansion at breakfast and use raisins to mark state capitols at lunch. On one side of each mat is a “key” showing the Cycle 3 geography memory work properly placed on the map. The other side lists the facts by week and shows small icons and images to help children point to the correct location of each fact.

These placemats are available for sale now in the Classical Conversations bookstore at:

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