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Is It All About Me?

When we began homeschooling, the focus was clearly on the needs of our daughters and what type of education and environment would be in their best interest. It was “all about them.”

Fortunately, at about that time, a few families in our small town founded a local Classical Conversations community and we immediately got on board. Through the years, I’ve accepted various leadership roles—not because I necessarily felt qualified, but because I wanted to be directly involved with every aspect of my daughters’ education. As I’ve tread and toiled through each of these positions, I’ve come to realize that what has been excellent for my daughters, has been life-changing for me. And so right now with some chagrin, I’m thinking that it has actually sometimes been “all about me.”

In fact, I’m a different person than I was eight years ago, and for that I’m thankful. I haven’t always wished to direct or tutor. I haven’t always genuinely desired to put in the time or the effort. I’ve never assumed that I was qualified for the position. But I always recognized His calling, sensed God gently pushing, and said yes—and that has made a significant difference in my life. Accepting leadership in our local Classical Conversations community improved my quality of life, enhanced my relationship with my family, and deepened my faith.

I want to share just ten of the many ways directing and tutoring in our CC community has made an impact—how it’s been “all about me.”

  1. I became acquainted with many more families. As a Foundations/Essentials Director, I learned not only about Classical Conversations but about classical education in general. I met often with numerous families. I not only gave them relevant information, I gave them encouragement and, hopefully, inspiration. This boosted my self-confidence.
  2. I gained access to excellent training. The training spanned from Foundations/Essentials Director, to Essentials tutor, to Challenge B Director. It was educational, but even more, it was inspirational. Everything was well done and professional. In one word—superb. It exercised my mind, piqued my curiosity, and left me always anticipating the next training.
  3. I was forced to be organized. In order to survive, I got my act together. Becoming well-organized was beneficial to my community and it was essential for my own family’s homeschool. Learning to utilize our time and resources effectively led to smooth sailing.
  4. I was motivated to try out the art and science projects at home with my own children. We had a blast, and my children were proud to be part of the planning. This improved our knowledge of the arts and increased our enthusiasm to try new things.
  5. I learned English grammar. Wow, did I ever learn it! I embraced Essentials, and because of my enthusiasm, my own children have learned it well. This has greatly improved my writing skills and has increased my love of classic literature as well as my myopic tendency toward correct grammar usage. (I confess I’ve become a little bit of a Grammar Nazi.) 
  6. I became obsessed with math games. I hunted them down and played them at home. I re-educated myself. We definitely know our math. Our math studies have become easier because I am more knowledgeable.
  7. I became involved with current events. Challenge B’s debate strand urged me to become more aware of world affairs. It pushed me into exploring the news along with my children. And what an intriguing year to do this! I’m so much more informed, interested, and opinionated. This encouraged me to stay current and discuss the state of our country and world with my family—to explore how we can make a difference.
  8. I learned about evolution. I was very uneducated about this science and consequently, have spent many hours reading on the topic. This has prompted much discussion in our home about creation, God, origins, and what it all means to us today.
  9. I learned about the legal system. My husband is a lawyer but until Challenge B I’d never known (or cared to know) all of the ins and outs of a trial. Facilitating a mock trial has given me a deeper appreciation of my mate’s profession. It has opened up a whole new world to me and created a stronger family bond.
  10. I have a closer walk with my Lord. I had to lean on and learn from Him in order to offer the best to my students, my children, and myself. This has strengthened my faith.

As you see, all the points above start with the pronoun I. The many perks that came by accepting leadership in my Classical Conversations community began with me, extended to other families, and ultimately ended with my own children. I was never uniquely qualified for any of these positions, but because of a willingness to learn and rely on God for strength, my life is deeper and fuller than I ever imagined it would be. What could be seen as something that was “all about me” really has resulted in a life that is “all about Him.”


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