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Instead of – A Homeschool Mother’s Day Poem

On this beautiful Mother’s Day

I can’t quite find the words to say

How I appreciate all you gave up

So in wisdom and virtue I would grow up


Instead of your once promising career

You dealt with fights and shouts and tears

Instead of malls and spas and fun

Money went to arts and crafts and curriculum

Instead of coffee every morning with the girls

Popcorn necklaces were your pearls

Instead of evenings on the tennis courts

You drove an hour for homeschool sports


For my most beautiful Mother on her day

I struggle on what exactly to say

I know all these things you gave up

So in wisdom and virtue I did grow up


Instead of vacations to the hot spots

We had staycations to build robots

Instead of clothes and new pantsuits

You saved so we could have rain boots

Instead of doing what you want

How would we be “social” was the taunt

Proverbs 31:28 however says it best

“Her children arise and call her blessed”


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom


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