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A Homeschooler at a Bible College/Seminary

Celeste F was homeschooled in rural Kansas. “The attitude that was put into what I learned was great,” she says, “Outside of math and English facts, it was the self-discipline, the character that was developed because I was homeschooled.” When asked if, looking back, she would have done anything differently, she replied, “I grew up in a very rural area and there just weren’t options for homeschoolers to interact with others.”

Celeste is currently an admissions counselor at Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri. This is also the institution from which she graduated. “I looked at a number of Christian schools. Calvary accepted more of my transfer and CLEP credits,” she explains, “and they were more reasonably priced.”

I asked Celeste about that wow moment students have when they realize they have found the right college. She says, “I prayed about the decision a lot. Calvary wasn’t as large or glamorous as some other places I applied. I sought counsel from my parents and other trusted Christians and felt peace about my application to Calvary. When I got to campus, I was blown away by the quality of the classes,” she continues. “When I saw how much I was learning about the Word of God, I knew this was the place where I needed to be.”

When asked how her Calvary education had prepared her for the next phase of life, Celeste says, “I have huge opportunities for ministry with the younger students I encounter.” On top of her counseling work, Celeste is also a Resident Assistant at Calvary, a role in which the underclassmen look up to her. “I lead devotions and Bible studies,” she continues, “and I am very involved in the ministries of a local church I attend.”

Celeste’s future plans are to attend an institution in North Carolina where she will pursue advanced training in her field (she graduated with an arts degree). “I want to be a music teacher.” She says.

Bible colleges provide great opportunities for educational and spiritual advancement, but speaking plainly, accreditation and subsequent recognition of degrees earned at these institutions can be an issue. Calvary Bible College is a fully accredited institution, so I have to concur with Celeste in thinking she made the right postsecondary decision.


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