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Homeschool Testing Services extends Stanford-10 Achievement Test through spring 2017

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Homeschool Testing Services extends Stanford-10 
Achievement Test through spring 2017

SUMMARY: A top nationally-normed achievement test remains available at least one more year through leading nationwide provider, Homeschool Testing Services. 

West End, North Carolina—The reliable Stanford-10 Achievement Test will remain available for end-of-grade testing by homeschool families in Spring 2016 and now 2017 through Homeschool Testing Services®, a service of Classical Conversations®, Inc. 

Pearson Learning, publisher of the Stanford-10 Achievement Test, has postponed the test’s announced retirement date, which will allow¬ Homeschool Testing Services® to provide this nationally-normed standardized test to more than 10,000 homeschool students again in 2017. Known as the SAT-10, families with students in 1st Grade through 12th-Grade have used this test to track academic progress and to fulfill state requirements. 

Few tests have the tenure of 80 years and the widespread adoption across the United States to equal the Stanford-10 Achievement Test. For purposes of fulfilling state testing requirements, the SAT-10 has been, and remains, widely effective for fulfilling obligations in Washington, Florida, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Colorado and 18 other states with strict homeschool testing laws. 

Homeschool mom Jennifer Whitaker said of the Stanford test, “It is reliable, consistent and convenient for me to use with my 3rd- and 5th-grade testing. I am happy to hear I can have it for more years through Homeschool Testing.”

ABOUT: Any homeschool student, whether enrolled in a Classical Conversations® community or not, may test with Homeschool Testing Services. Classical Conversations® has been facilitating standardized testing for homeschool students since 2008. In 2015, 10,000 students tested with CC in 300 on-site locations, and 70 online testing events. For more information, visit Homeschool Testing Services’ website at

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