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Falling in Love at Practicum

Every summer I fall in love all over again with Classical Conversations. It’s not as if I have ever fallen out of love. But each summer Practicum season I am wooed back to the secret places of the heart in homeschooling. I always come away with a richer understanding of the classical model and energized by the fantastic stories from parents on the same path.

Practicum feels like a spa day of learning to me. It is my chance for what I call a “deep think.”  I treasure the chance to simply listen and allow the leaders to pour back into my heart. It is my time to revisit the classical, Christian model and have some time and space to ponder the next season ahead. I treasure hearing stories of other parents’ journeys and where homeschooling has taken them.

Surveying the room of more than one hundred parents at our recent local Practicum, I was humbled by the hearts. What is stunning to me is the hard and faithful work that so many humbly accept with such care and love in order to give their children the very best education that they can. I find it awe-inspiring that other like-minded souls take up this calling, sacrificing career pursuits and personal interests along the way. I believe we truly are raising up the next generation of leaders with hearts on fire for the Creator.

If you need further convincing on why Practicum is the best thing to do with three days of your summer, I made a “top ten list” for inspiration. Everyone loves “top ten” lists—here’s mine!

10 Reasons to Love Practicum:

  1. Three days to have a deep think about homeschooling.
  2. An opportunity to go deeper in the classical model.
  3. This year’s theme of logic equips anyone to learn how to reason well.
  4. The five common topics can teach you tons about parenting (trust me).
  5. Inspiring stories from parents on the same path.
  6. New ideas, resources, and energy for the year ahead.
  7. Community—bring a friend and make some new ones.
  8. Encouragement—a reminder that you are not alone on this journey.
  9. Time set aside for clarity, wisdom, and guidance for your season ahead.
  10. A reminder that no matter where you are at on this homeschooling journey, God has got this and He is faithful.

Please don’t miss out! I hope you will take some time to attend a Practicum this season. I think you will find it to be three days well spent. Taking time to pour into your own heart is your chance to find rest for the season ahead. And if you are anything like me, you also will find the opportunity to fall in love all over again.

To find a practicum near you, check out the link below:

Find a Practicum Near You


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