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Cultivating Curiosity: The Art of Asking Questions

Was your own education boring? Do your kids ever complain about boredom? This is a sure sign that we are not finding the wonder and loveliness of God’s world.

How can we learn to look for it? By being curious and asking questions!

Do you worry that you can never learn everything you want to share with your kids?

You can reclaim your own education by asking questions.

Do you wish you could have rich discussions with your teens about literature, history, theology, and current events? Are you waiting because you have no idea what questions to ask?

In my book, The Question: Giving Your Child the Essentials of a Classical Education, I share five questions that you can ask about anything.

These five common topics from the classical world are a great place to start.

Watch my recent presentation at The Heritage Foundation to get you started.


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