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The Core for Teachers

Great book for all teachers and principals, new and experienced! The Core by Leigh Bortins will help you reach the educational goals for your students that we all desire. This easy-to-understand guide breaks down the time-tested methods of a quality education into clear goals and lessons that are easy to implement.

Do you know a teacher or a principal? They are preparing right now for next year and we can’t think of a better book to help them prepare. Why not order one as a gift?

Educators should ask themselves:

Do you feel like something was missing from your college classes in education?

Would you like to know more about solid academic curriculum and how to set high expectations for your students?

Would you like to know how to give your students a rich education in reading, writing, math, geography, history, science, and the fine arts?

It has been said that “teachers tend to over-estimate their students’ experience and under-estimate their abilities.” Leigh A. Bortins’ latest book The Core: Teaching Your Child the Foundations of Classical Education is full of practical tips for giving young students a solid foundation of knowledge in these core subjects.

The Core outlines clear goals for students, addresses proven methods of instructing young children, and offers a complete bibliography of teaching resources and schedules.

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