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Come Rest A While

Nurture Your Soul – Summer Devotions Series

Come Rest Awhile
by Cara McLauchlan

“Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.”

Augustine of HippoThe Confessions of St. Augustine

My Aunt Betty loved teatime. She was born in Scotland and lived most of her life in Canada. When she came to visit, the world stopped for afternoon tea. We would be in the midst of gardening or cleaning and she would say, “Now it’s time to rest – come sit with me for tea.”

I loved that about her. She tucked rest into little pockets of her day—finding renewal in easy relaxation over a lovely cup of tea and buttered toast points. We would tell stories and I could not get enough of her tales of my mother as a young girl or what I was like as a baby. She carried an attitude of rest throughout her day because it came easy to her—it was as natural as laughter.

Rest does not come easy for me. I long for that ability to enjoy rest. I convince myself that if I check off enough things, then I can stop. The thing is, there is always more to do and always more to check off. With the lovely vision of summer months spreading out before me, I crave more rest in my day. I want to carry that attitude my Aunt Betty was so good at—a reservoir of peace in my spirit, filled by the Lord’s whispering into my heart.

Last summer, we shared the “Nurture Your Soul” devotions geared especially for renewal and refreshment. We received feedback that setting aside your summer to draw closer to God and to welcome more quiet and simplicity is just what you might need for a busy school season ahead. With that in mind, we embark on a season of rejuvenation through a fresh series of “Nurture Your Soul” devotions.

We all know that homeschoolers work hard. Summer is the perfect balm for the weary spirit to reflect and refresh, and to renew the heart and the mind. A summer spreads out before you with the promise of sunshine soaked days, adventures, travels, slower days and quiet sunsets. How will rest be part of your plans?

For me, I start my summer with that exact question, “How can I find rest?”

In some ways, finding rest feels like a simple idea. Yet in practice, it feels hard. We have a saying in our home that when you do not know something, you next ask the question, “What if you did know?”

What if I did know how to find rest? If I did know how to find true rest, I would draw closer to God. I would listen deeply in quiet prayer and meditation. I would walk and ponder the colors of nature. I would do things slowly and without rushing. I would play games with my family. I would laugh more. I would sleep without worry. I would practice a restful heart as though it was going out of style.

I would think of my Aunt Betty, who is now in heaven, and have tea in her honor.

Where will you find rest this summer?

Your Invitation…
Read Matthew 11:28-30
Read it slowly and as if you are seeing the words for the first time.

Your Action…
Think about how you find rest in your days.

Going Deeper…
Make a little list of where you need to find rest most this summer. Think about your days and how you can adjust them towards the mindset of rest.

Dear God,
I want to rest in You.
I want to set aside this summer for refreshment, renewal, and rest.
Show me what things are taking me away from that idea.
Help me to slow down, listen to You and cultivate a heart that discovers more of You this summer.
Thank You for rest.


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