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College Profile: Gutenberg College

I received a phone call in the spring from the director of admissions at Gutenberg College. He had heard of my website——and he was inquiring about using the site to get the word out about Gutenberg. I had not heard of Gutenberg. As I inquired more about the college, I decided it might be in everyone’s best interest to know more about Gutenberg College in Eugene, OR.

Gutenberg is truly unique and for the record, I did not charge the college to run their ad. Here is a little information from Gutenberg’s President:

Gutenberg is different from most colleges in a number of respects. For example, rather than encouraging early specialization, Gutenberg is designed to provide an outstanding broad-based undergraduate education. Rather than having large lecture classes, Gutenberg has small discussion-based classes. Rather than reading textbooks that describe the ideas of the great thinkers of the past, our students read the great thinkers’ works firsthand.

At the heart of Gutenberg’s distinctiveness is the impact that it has on students’ spiritual lives — an impact both rare and profound. Students do not study Christianity as a separate subject in the curriculum; rather, Christianity is woven into the warp and woof of every part of the college.

There are not hundreds of undergrads on the Gutenberg campus, there are forty-eight. The dozens of students (four, actually) will not be found in a lecture hall, but sitting around tables engaged in discussion. Their discussions will not hinge on pop-academia, but on classical literature. Students will not be guided by graduate students, but by Gutenberg’s faculty who serve as tutors.

There are not a lot of majors from which to choose at Gutenberg. There is one major: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts. It is more than likely that you have inquired of colleges who offer fifty or more majors. You will not choose to attend Gutenberg based on its variety of major tracts. However, if you are seeking a liberal arts degree and are interested in the classics from a Christian worldview, you should inquire regarding Gutenberg College.

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