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Classical Conversations Foundations Guide Spotlight

Is it February already? What happened to January—did we skip it? I can’t believe I am almost four weeks into the semester. I have started working on my Faces in History paper for Essentials. I am going to be…wait a minute, I can’t tell you that…!

In other big news, we are very excited about the newly released fourth edition of the Foundations Guide. Do not worry that there are a few changes this second semester. The goal in the Foundations program is to develop the skills of learning, and learning a new set of history sentences will only strengthen your students as they mature and develop those skills. Keep going with your third edition. However, I am sure you have questions about the fourth edition and I will try to address some of those here.

Why release the fourth edition now?

As a company that buys from a number of different publishers, I can tell you that we often buy an edition of a book in June only to receive an email a month later that the new edition is out and the old one has been discontinued. This is a typical cycle and one that we are used to, but not one that we want you to have to go through. That is why we are releasing the new edition now, so that you have knowledge six months ahead of time and can budget for the new edition.

Do I have to buy the new edition?

Many of you will want to buy the new edition. However, purchasing the new edition is not required. The main difference between the two editions is in the memory work, and there is a document available to you which lists the changes. You have a series of other options, too: you may join CC Connected and get the memory work, buy the new timeline cards, buy the new CDs, buy the new edition, or choose any combination of the above. If you want the new memory work, but cannot justify purchasing the new edition within your budget, I would highly recommend joining CC Connected.  There is just a small monthly fee for Classical Conversations families to join, so you will not spend a lot of money upfront. In addition, CC Connected offers many other resources that you will enjoy!

Your director will have much more information for you, but I thought these would be some of your top concerns. There are many benefits associated with switching to our new Classical Conversations Timeline, because we will now be able to offer you countless resources that we were not able to provide with another company’s intellectual property. God bless you with your studies the rest of the semester.  I know that I will need it.

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